Plymouth Savoy 4 door sedan (1954)

A few weeks ago i went to see this Plymouth Savoy with a friends. We heard that the car is for sale (for a not high price) and decided to visit it just only out of curiosity.

The car was compete in 95% and was mostly in original condition. I would buy it if i did not have so many unfinished projects. But i will keep my aye on it, and will try to make it mine at the first opportunity)))

Interior just needs to be cleaned , plus some minor work with dashboard and steering wheel must be done

In my opinion, this car will look cool with a little bit low suspension and with a red old school wheels.

The body looks cool as it is. It is not rusty and doesn’t require full restoration. This blue color is not original, but it looks good. Just needs polishing and a little work in some places.

And the chrome is not bad

I am not a mechanic, but in my eye everything looks pretty solid under the hood too. I know the brake vacuum booster is not original, but it’s not a big deal to find the original one in Ebay. I remember, the last owner told me a few years ago, that they took it from USSR car GAZ24.

So, let’s hope the car will find a good home, and the new owner will take care of him. Or, in the future we will see it car in my list of the projects )) …who knows?

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