Finally I took my VW T2 to garage after the paint job

After about a year of restoration I took my bus to my garage. We restored only the body. There is no rust and bus is finally painted. A lot of work ahead, but I think the most difficult part was done. Even I found the right engine!

I checked the engine number online and now I am sure that it is removed from 70’s bus.

I have all windows except the windshield, have 2 front seats, dashboard, original fiberglass top, front end, rear end, engine, transmission, steering system. And that’s all. All other parts missed ))))

But the most important think: I found the last legal owner of this bus , and now we can restore the documents.

Thanks for reading!

The ‘beta’ painting

There is a some progress in my campers restoration . It’s painted, but anyway needs lots of body work. So, i am calling this ‘beta painting’ ))

The white color under the bumper… Why? )))))

This poor and bad quality pictures (which i received by Viber) do not exploring all disappointment of the  paint job.

But believe me, everything is really bad and needs re-done.

The same situation is with interior. It must be a clear white, but there are black blemishes everywhere.

This is what you can expect, when you are living in one country and your car are restoring in another country. So, crossing fingers and waiting for the new updates.

Thanks for reading!

Body work in process

Returned today from body restoration shop with some fresh photos of my camper bus.

Most of things are done. Just a little surface rust remains under the car and in some parts of interior.

Guys claim they will start paint the car at the end of this month. So, will see how things will go.

Still isn’t sure about the color, but i inclined to something bright. Maybe orange, or yellow… Didn’t decide yet