My hand made die-cast models. The first attempts…

Continuing to write about my adventures in this new for me industry of hand made models ))))

After buying some tools and paints I needed to start from something. And that start point was this 1/24 scale Ferrari Daytona die-cast model. I decided to make this thing polygon for me.

Here are the first unsuccessful attempts of creating the rust on the body.

I tried to draw rust by the brush…

And it’s definitely not what I have expected

But this Ferrari has a better future, than it can seem. Here are the last photos. Unfortunately I didn’t make a photos of my next tries. I repainted it about 4 times before got the satisfactory look. Now, you can see just the final result. Also in my store on Etsy.

The second car I tried to build was this 1/18 scale Lancia Aurellia B24 Spider. After viewing some videos on Youtube I decided to create the rust effect by using salt.

I don’t want to explain the process, you can find hundreds of videos in Youtube .

After painting: I think not too bad for the first time.


And the interior. You can see the difference. The plastic seat just painted (right), and the other seat covered by textile (left).  After covering by textile, for more reality look I added depleted places and painted it.

The final photos are available in my store. I have added some little but important details such a tools in the cargo area, journals, Italian targa, etc.. This car is listed also on Etsy.

The next car: VW Karmann Ghia 1/32 scale. The old and destructed toy of my son )))) This car saw so much hard days in his life )))) I decided to create a desert diorama. The Karmann Ghia left in a desert to die…

This is the body after rusting and painting.

And this is the final result.

Again more photos are available here in our online store. This model is sold already, and that is why it is in ‘Out of stock’ status.

And the last model in this post is this 1980’s Vespa 1/12 scale plastic model. Unfortunately, again I have a just a few pics of process.


And after…

Pay attention to cargo area. It wasn’t openable, but I cut the decorative door and fixed it in opened position. And put some magazines and a rose)))

More photos here, and the listing on Etsy.

That’s all for this time. Thanks for reading. Please share this page if you found it interesting)))


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