Starting to build customized die-cast models and dioramas

I believe that every hobby must get a profit. Even if you are not earning money on your hobby, at least your must find a way to cover expenses.

And my hobby of collecting everything on the wheels and older than me requires a lot of money…

To create a channel on Youtube, to write a blog and put Adsense: these 2 things are the first what is coming to everyone’s mind. But i decided to go further and open my own shop of customized, classic, die-cast car models. In other words, i want to take cars models and give them realistic, rusty, wrecked and abandoned look.

So i went the nearest paint shop from to my home, bought paints, brushes, acetone and other useful stuff for my endeavor. Watching bunch of how-to videos on Youtube, i built my first car and listed it on Etsy.

Glues, paints, brushes…
Some basic tools i needed for start
Some spray paints and acetone (the spray in the center so-so imitates the rust)

In the time of writing this post i already have created 5 models. In my next post i will write how i did it.

Buy the way, this is the link to my shop on Etsy

Thanks for reading!


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