Firenze sotto le stelle 2017

From 30 June to 2 July there was an exhibition Firenze sotto le stelle in front of the Pallazzo Pitti in the Florence. So i took my camera and started to shoot the cars.

I will try gradually add a description for every picture, but now just posting what i have shot.

I think the oldest car in this show was this 1907 Itala.

Just pay attention to details…

The car was unbelievably fantastic.

They added some modern stop and turn lights to make this car usable in roads.

This Bentley participated to Eurasia Peace Rally. In this show there were other cars from that rally.

The Facebook page of the rally, if you are interested

Dodge military truck

In a first day was raining a little, that is why some cars were under the covers



1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale Bertone Prototype

Alfa Romo Spider, Citroen DS and Fiat 600


Another car from Eurasia Peace Rally







Little Fiat 500

Super Beetle and the girl


Mercedes-Benz SL190




Cadillac Eldorado & Alfa Romeo GT


Ferrari F40


Stunning Fiat 1100 prepared for rally


… and the crew

The youngest car of the show: Mercedes-Benz A124 convertible

Mercedes-Benz SL190

Messerschmitt, very expensive toy.

Austin Mini



Porsche 356. How beautiful is this thing.

Every detail is irreplaceable…

Porsche 911 first generation

BMW 2002

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