Model Expo Italy 2018. Some new pics from the exhibition.

Model Expo Italy is a great place for anyone who is not indifferent to models. If you will be in Italy in a next year I am strongly recommending do not miss this event. Verona is a fantastic beautiful city and the exhibition place is not so far from city center. So you can marge shopping, sightseeing and, I am sure, will be surprised seeing such diversity absolutely any kind of models.

Everything I saw was much cheaper than on all offline and online stores I remember. Apparently, exhibitors tried to take back as little stuff as possible)))))

As I wrote before I had opportunity to show my works there.

My humble stand

I took some pics from our pavilion, so you can imagine the scale …

This is the layout of most famous Floretine bridge Ponte Vecchio 

The pool for ship models

The view from my stand )))))

Another view …

Pavilions were about 8 or more, and I am not sure I saw them all. They have large photo gallery in their Facebook page  , and still adding videos and photos every day.

As a result, I sold 2 models, gave out a big amounts of business cards and got many compliments. Not so bad for the first time)

1/32 Mini Cooper
Old garage miniature (not finished yet)
Piaggio Ape
Piaggio Vespa (sold yesterday on Etsy)
And my early bay T2 camper )))

In our back way to Florence we visited Mille Miglia museum in Brescia, and I took few photos.

Here they are…

I have many photos from my 2016 trip to Mille Miglia museum + final meeting in Brescia and I will write a post about it someday))

But that is all for today, thanks for your attention!