The ‘beta’ painting

There is a some progress in my campers restoration . It’s painted, but anyway needs lots of body work. So, i am calling this ‘beta painting’ ))

The white color under the bumper… Why? )))))

This poor and bad quality pictures (which i received by Viber) do not exploring all disappointment of the  paint job.

But believe me, everything is really bad and needs re-done.

The same situation is with interior. It must be a clear white, but there are black blemishes everywhere.

This is what you can expect, when you are living in one country and your car are restoring in another country. So, crossing fingers and waiting for the new updates.

Thanks for reading!

The new torque hub of C4 transmission is installed (and the Falcon finally rides!)

Yesterday was a good day. Transmission fixed and my friend finally took the Falcon to my garage.

If you read my previous post, you may remember, that, the problem was the worn out torque converter hub.

So here is the new hub, what i bought from ebay.

The new hub arrived

You can see the difference.  Old VS new ))

And now, it’s finally installed!

So, the car is drivable, but there is a bad news: we must replace the valve body ((( The valve body worn out too, and now it doesn’t shift from second to third gear as good as it should. But anyway the winter is coming, and i decided to left this thing till summer.

Thanks for reading!