The C4 automatic transmission broke down

If you are driving classic you must be ready that one beautiful day your pride will stand in the middle of the street on it’s 4 wheels and refuse to move like a stubborn donkey. And exactly that was happened with me at  last Sunday.

When traffic light turned to green, after pushing the gas pedal, i heard a terrible noise from somewhere near transmission (like someone struck with a sledge hammer). And the transmission started reacting only on position Parking.

That was clear, my journey ended for today…

Nothing has left except call to tow car and take my Falcon to transmission repairing shop of my friends.

After 2 days guys separated the transmission from the car and showed me what exactly happened.

C4 automatic transmission (torque converter removed)
C4 automatic transmission (side view)

There is a some thing in torque converter called “Turbine Hub” and that thing served his term. All teethеs of the hub were worn out by 90%…

The torque converter. The hub is inside of this thing
Torque converter is opened. The hub is the round thing just in the middle
Turbine hub. You can see that all teeths are gone

Today i have bought a brand new Turbine Hub from Ebay for $19.99 and a new rivets for $0.9 for each.

So, waiting for parts arrival.

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