Mercedes-Benz SL450 is almost ready for the final painting!

Hi there! I am very slowly but obstinately continuing restoration of my project cars. Sometimes there is no money, sometimes there is no time, sometimes disappearing the restorers, but things are moving forward.

A few days ago I received my SL450’s  photos from paint shop. They told me, that everything is almost ready for starting the painting.

I think everything looks quite reassuring, and hope soon you will see this car painted in his original green color.

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SL450 suspension rebuilding

Just found some photos of last year when we rebuilt the suspension.

All parts were dismantled, sandblasted and painted. Also changed absolutely all rubbers on suspension.

You can see, everything was dismantled.

The rear axle

Loaded on the truck. Sending to sandblasting.

After sandblasting.

A little paint job. And at the end the result was stunning!

That’s all. Thanks!