Milano Autoclassica 2017 – Wolksvagens

Two weeks before I went to Milano to look at cars and take some photos in auto show called Milano Autoclassica.

The exposition was large and took 2 very large halls + all outdoor space. Also they created a small race track. Sure the event was one of the importance in Europe, and really appreciate it was possible only by staying all 3 days in Milano.
But I stayed only a few hours and will try to introduce you my small photo gallery in a few posts.

I discovered that people are mostly coming here to sell their cars and parts in auction (I saw the plates with price and description almost on every car). Also there were various ‘classic cars specialized’ shops which showed their works and projects, different classic cars clubs with their most significant models, rally clubs and just enthusiasts which came here to show their cars and have a fun with accomplices.

Unfortunately, I forgot my photo camera at home in Florence, so I could only take (limited quantity) pictures on my cell phone. 

I decided to split photos by groups and create a post for each one. So, for the beginning¬† I am posting the Wolksvagen’s photos. I don’t want to write too much words for each car in my poor English, anyway I can’t tell anything new. All information about any car or specific model is available at least in Wikipedia.

Early T2 bus

This is Bug is like mine. My car is very far from this condition, but it has a sunroof ))))

The Karmann Ghia: I have created 1:32 diorama  with Karmann die-cast model. It is now available in my shop on Etsy.

And the beautiful T1 Bus. I love these buses and sure I will buy one sometimes. But now i can be satisfied only by creating hand made models. Again in my shop on Etsy

Trying to keep the charge of my phone I shot only these Wolksvagens. But they where much more in that show.

In my next post I will post the photos of US cars, so keep in touch and thanks for reading!


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